About Us

Eton Fudge Shop is situated in the medieval saxon town, along Eton High Street close to Windsor Castle and Eton College. It is set amid an array of eclectic independent shops, bars, restaurants and galleries. It is a 5 minute walk from Windsor Castle, Eton College and Windsor’s two train stations.

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Depending on the time of year you visit you may come across one of the speciality flavours, which are created for special occasions. For example Champagne and Strawberry which was produced to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Eton Fudge Shop is also a stockist for Joe&Sephs gourmet popcorn, locally produced Moolicious ice cream and Art of Mallow Marshmallows.

Our Fudge

The fudge ingredients are placed into a large pan, cooked and boiled for over an hour until the liquid reduces down and caramelises. Once it starts to thicken it turns to a rich brown colour.

When the fudge has reached it’s cooking temperature it is left it to stand for about 30 minutes to cool before it is poured out onto a marble table. The fudge mixture is then stirred and folded into a baguette shape until it sets and cools. Now the fudge is ready to be sliced and laid flat on the marble table to help the slices cool further. The final stage is to dice the slices into mouth size pieces, ready to be purchased and enjoyed.


Fabulous Flavours

Here at the Eton Fudge Shop we go that extra mile to ensure we have an amazing selection of flavours to tickle your tastebuds. There’s something for everyone – from sumptuous and decadent favourites to more unusual and terrific tasting new nuggets on the block! If you’re not sure which to choose you can always have a little taster (or two).

View our selection of fabulous fudge flavours here.

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